We Provide Consulting Services for Protecting Your Business Asset


Your website may be under attack right now and you won’t even know about it until it’s too late.

Unless you’re already a WordPress security expert and have all the right protection in place, it’s 99% likely that your website will be experiencing at least dozens of hack attempts every single day! You should be very worried.


  • Your login has the username ‘admin’ and your password has numbers that replace letters to spell a word.
  • Your website is hosted on a cheap hosting platform that saves you money each month on unnecessary outlay.
  • Your web developer tested several different plugins with similar functions to deliver the capabilities you were after.
  • Your think you website is too small and insignificant to become a target so you don’t really need security to protect it.
  • Your website hasn’t had any of its software or plugins updated since it was built, because everything still works fine.


Some of the Security Features in a Properly Secured Website:

  • Virus protection and removal
  • Firewall install & configuration
  • Password Managament
  • Two-step CMS Sign-in
  • Data Backup Systems
  • Plugin & Theme Vetting
  • System Integrity Cleanups
  • Virus Definition Updates
  • Threat Monitoring & Response
  • System-wide Upgrade Process
  • External Virus Scanning
  • Reputation Scanning


  • Password and user-access security analysis with written directions on how to resolve issues and enforce base minimum security.
  • An analysis of your hosting service, PHP version, upgrade risks, data storage, data transmission and acess rights to server-side content.
  • Examination of core files at hosting root via SFTP access, WP-config file, htaccess file, plus any additional files or applications installed on the hosting platform.
  • Comprehensive review of plugins and WP-Core installation to assess for possible vilnerabilities with recommendations on repair or update regime
  • A guide on how to upgrade and maintain your WordPress website’s software and functions while minimizing risk of breakage.
  • An assessment of domain ownership risk, domain history, network neighborhood, IP-C-Block, DNS status and potential issues.


Made for US business owners.

Our WORDPRESS SECURITY AUDITS are not automated reports. Your case will be referred to a WordPress security expert for 100% manual review and write-up.

Unlike many other audits available on the market, ours are an intensive product. You will be assigned to an expert who will request more details about your business and your website, and all information provided in return will be unique and customized to you.


We are a Certified Google Partner Agency. No non-sense, no outrageous claims, just plain honest advice on how you can achieve success.

What you get: full audit report plus a 30 minute debrief with our advisor on your next best course of action. There’s no obligation for you to hire us for anything else, and you’ll be able to take the SECURITY AUDIT and either apply fixes yourself, or hire anyone you prefer to make the necessary improvements. We would, of course, be more than happy to help!