We Build Powerful Websites that get Organic Rank in Google


Most web developers DO NOT KNOW how to make a website that works properly for Google search rank.

In fact, unless you specifically paid to have the site prepared for Search Engine Optimization, it’s 99% likely that your website completely lacks the capability to ever rank where you hope it will.


  • Your web developer erased and destroyed your Google SEO position when they re-designed your new website.
  • You didn’t realize your web developer didn’t understand SEO for 2019 and they did things that were outdated by years.
  • Your website was built to be ‘SEO ready’ – but you thought that meant it was going to have the SEO done already.
  • There are so many technical barriers in your website that no matter how much SEO work you pay for, it will still never work.
  • The SEO company you hired last time either did absolutely nothing but take your money, or worse: did more damage than good.


What You Could Achieve If SEO Was Done Properly:

  • Increase traffic quality
  • Be found by new customers
  • Expand to new markets
  • Decrease traffic bounce
  • Rank ahead of competitors
  • Target specific search traffic
  • Increase visits to your store
  • Achieve market leadership
  • Increase sales or direct conversions
  • Increase micro-conversions and leads
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Decrease conversion costs


  • Full assessment of existing barriers to improvement with full written report on necessary fixes, includes over 50 technical check-points
  • Full historical check on your site’s performance with a clear guide on how to re-gain old rank positions or gain better ones going forward
  • A customized guide for your website on how to implement critical on-page SEO elements to meet current 2019 guidelines for success in Google search
  • A comprehensive set of best practices that you and your business can put into place to build your Google rank position using in-house skill-sets
  • Full assessment of Google Search Console data (if already connected) with breakdown explanation of indicators and guide for improvement


Made for US business owners.

Our SEO AUDITS are not automated reports. Your case will be referred to a world-class SEO expert for 100% manual review and write-up.

Unlike many other audits available on the market, ours are an intensive product. You will be assigned to an expert who will request more details about your business and your website, and all information provided in return will be unique and customized to you.

We can also do SEO AUDITS on non-WordPress websites too!

SEO AUDIT price starts from $499

We are a Certified Google Partner Agency. No non-sense, no outrageous claims, just plain honest advice on how you can achieve success.

What you get: full audit report plus a 30 minute debrief with our advisor on your next best course of action. There’s no obligation for you to hire us for anything else, and you’ll be able to take the SEO AUDIT and either apply fixes yourself, or hire anyone you prefer to make the necessary improvements. We would, of course, be more than happy to help!